Thursday, August 05, 2010

Old School Thursday: Moutarde Edition

Today is National Mustard Day and since I sincerely love mustards of all stripes, I’ll certainly be celebrating.

The rest of today’s news is all sad – a string of notable deaths, starting with the passing of French chef and author Alexis Benoit Soyer in 1858. Soyer, who spent most of his professional life in England and Ireland, wrote a bunch of “accessible” cookbooks that helped people cook well inexpensively. Kind of like a French “$30 a Day” host. Except not really at all, of course.

And in the last century, we lost Carmen Miranda (aka the tutti-frutti lady) in 1955 and Marilyn Monroe only a few years later in 1962. No, Monroe doesn’t have all that much to do with food, but she certainly is an American icon.

So, today, we don’t actually have that much to celebrate. So just be thankful for the mustard.


TheSlapster said...

I'm always thankful for the mustard! Good, dark mustard you can see the seeds in, much to the horror of my condiment-resistant spouse.

Kit Pollard said...

Seriously? No condiments? I ate a lot of meals with your wife and don't remember that. It's disturbing.


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