Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old School Thursday: Mmm Cherries Edition

Today is National Cherry Popsicle Day…and that’s about all it is. I guess at least it’s appropriate for late August.

So to celebrate…cherry popsicles, of course, but maybe you could take that a step further. I have been all about the kiddie-to-grownup cocktail lately and cherry popsicle flavors seem like a good base for one. Actual popsicles are probably too sweet to make a really good grownup cocktail (unless by “grownup” you mean something kids at Senior Week would enjoy), but maybe you could melt down a popsicle into an intense syrup, then mix it with, say, gin and selzer?

Or make a more sophisticated cherry popsicle, using actual cherry puree?

Or, you know, something along those lines.

1 comment:

Sarah G said...

you could use cherry-flavored vodka - it's pretty sweet. :) I like it with limeade. it kinda tastes like a grown-up shirley temple!


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