Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old School Thursday: Conspicuous Consumption & Cranberry Edition

Today is National Toasted Almond Bar Day, which mostly just makes me sigh, but then again, I do like a nice Good Humor Toasted Almond. So, happy NTABD to all you ice cream men out there.

It’s also the opening of grouse season in Britain. I not 100% sure that people really eat grouse, but I hope they do. Since they’re hunting them and all.

In other news, today is the birthday of Diamond Jim Brady (1856), the crazy gluttonous financier. He was the prototypical overeating American, often taking down multiple lobsters, oysters, steaks, and desserts. I’m kind of in awe of him. Even if I feel a little sick just thinking about it.

Nearly one-hundred years later, in 1948, British metallurgist Harry Brearley died. For one thing, how badass does it sound to be a “metallurgist”? Also, Brearley invnted stainless steel, for which my kitchen thanks him.

And finally, today in 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer – the PC. And for THAT, I (and a million other bloggers) thank them.Plus – though it’s not quite today, Ocean Spray Brad emailed me earlier in the week to tell me that Saturday (the 14th) is the 80th anniversary of the official start of the grower-owned Ocean Spray cranberry cooperative. And 80 years is certainly nothing to sneeze at!

So, to celebrate? Piles of toasted almond bars, eaten while sitting at your computer. And this weekend: a cranberry cocktail or two in honor of Ocean Spray!

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