Monday, August 02, 2010

Not Really Recommended

Last week, I posted a roundup of a few things I liked. This week...the opposite. So here goes:

1. Garlic and basil pasta from Trader Joe's. I love TJ's with all my heart, but every time I buy dried pasta there, I end up regretting it. It is just not that good.

2. Rolling out puff pastry when the recipe explicitly says to use very, very cold. Without rolling. I swear, I am the worst pastry chef ever. I was making this and just ruined it horribly. What's worse is that I've made that twice before. In 2005, but still.

3. Carpal tunnel. My left wrist is killing me right now.

4. Bobby Flay's mint chimichurri (from Boy Meets Grill). It might look pretty:
And the boys might look cute cooking it:

But it tastes like a big bowl of green honey. Not that amazing with steak.

I am happy to report, though, that TJ's pesto chicken breasts are not bad and a very easy (cheap) weeknight dinner option. Also, we made some roasted salsa verde this week with tomatillos from the CSA and assorted peppers from the Greenspring farmers' market. Cooper roasted the veg on Saturday and I blended it up with some olive oil, garlic and salt on Sunday. Great results. And roasted peppers are pretty:

Even though there have been a few disasters in the kitchen this week, we've had a triumph or two, too. So that's something, I guess.

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