Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Designing Tuesday: Our New Expandable Round Dining Room Table

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday!

I was busy after a long weekend full of shopping and eating. All of which I will write about, of course. But the big story around our house is that we've switched our living room and our dining room, so we now have a little loungey space off the kitchen, where the dining room used to be, and we have an unfinished space with too small a rug in the front room, where the living room used to be.

This was inspired by actually thinking about how we use our house - and moved along by the discovery of a super cool Danish expandable dining room table at Home Anthology in Catonsville. It was so new that it didn't even have a price on it and we bought it within about five minutes. It's just what I'd been looking for - for a long time. It's amazing.

It's also the inspiration for this ideabook, in which I beg for new ideas for how to work with a round table:


Joyce said...

Love Home Anthology! We bought a pair of chairs there a couple years ago and they are perfect. You need to post pix of the new table, I'm sure its cool. I like the idea of changing space around to be more condusive to your living/entertaining style.

theminx said...

Cool table. Ours expands from the current six seats to 10 seats but if we add the leaves, the table would be in the living room. :)


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