Monday, June 28, 2010

In Dreams

As a general rule, I think reading about other people's dreams is beyond boring. But the dream I had last night was legitimately interesting (I think). Well, OK, the dream itself was actually sort of mundane, but the setting was fantastic.

In the dream, Cooper and I were having lunch with the Baltimore Snacker and Lisa Simeone at a fictional restaurant in downtown DC. The restaurant was in an old appliance showroom and all the tables were reworked vintage stoves. They were glossy red with shiny chrome accessories. Totally cool.

The rest of the decor was even more amazing. The room was big, with super high ceilings and one wall was nearly all floor-to-ceiling windows. The other wall was covered with enormous pieces of fabric that were screened with pictures of people looking at great works of art. Some of the pictures were structured so that the people looking at the art appeared to be part of the work itself. The art in question was pretty diverse - I remember some Dali and also a few traditional, Renaissance-style paintings.

And the food - I can't remember what our entrees were, except that they were updated versions of Mad Men-era classics. What I do remember is that we each had a small dish (like the little dishes that hold vegetables in old school restaurants) of slice pistachios in a creamy sauce. I can't decide if that sounds completely revolting or possibly intriguing.

So there it is, my subconcious at work. I promise to not to bore you with my dreams every day.

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