Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Baltimore Magazine 2010 Best Restaurant Readers' Poll

The readers' poll for Baltimore magazine's 2010 Best Restaurants issue is online right now - voting is open until January 15th at midnight.

I've voted. And now I'm wondering what it says about my life that I couldn't think of a single restaurant to vote for as "most romantic."

No problem with "child-friendly," though.

[The header is from the poll's web page. Cute, isn't it?]


Wags said...

Most romantic for parents of a toddler? McDonald's?

Kit Pollard said...

We sometimes take him to decent places - he's pretty good when he wants to be. But, yeah, not exactly romantic.

McDonald's though - especially if it has a playground. That means alone time.

Wags said...

And alone time is probably the closest thing to romance at this stage I'm guessing.

Damn, way too many categories for me to vote. :D


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