Friday, December 04, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Martha Foose's Milk Punch from Garden & Gun

Have I mentioned lately (and by "lately" I mean "this week") how much I love Garden & Gun? Both for the magazine itself and for the legitimately amazing email newsletter, "Talk of the South." The emails go out frequently and each one just covers one topic, so they're short and manageable to read. Most importantly, they're about stuff I actually want to learn.

Take the newsletter I got today for example. It's just one short recipe for milk punch, which is a slightly lighter version of eggnog, and which is also something I am totally going to make this Sunday when I decorate our tree.

Plus, I had no idea, until I saw this email, that I desperately want a silver punch bowl and punch cups. The picture above was in the email and...gorgeous. I am mentally planning a million Very Fancy Parties Featuring Punch right now.


Cail said...

Milk Punch is THE GREATEST. I wanted to have cookies and milk punch passed around at the end of the wedding, but Tom vetoed serving milk products after everyone drank.

Kit Pollard said...

As good as it sounds, I agree with Tom. I do not think milk punch would've been a good idea (for me at least) just then.


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