Monday, November 09, 2009

Trendy Monday: Buzzwords

Last week, Elizabeth Large posted a list of 25 food buzzwords she received from Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Company (they're restaurant consultants). This is how she received them:
BUZZWORDS FOR 2010: Authentic Neapolitan pizza. Lamb riblets. Too many food trucks, not enough curb space. Latino street food. Farmed trout creeps up on farmed salmon. Curry- and Indian-spiced fried chicken. Vietnamese sandwiches (bahn mi). Gelati. Global comfort food. Artisan hot dogs. Made-to-order ice cream. Chefs turned butchers. Casual comfort. Touch-screen kiosks and home delivery in fast food outlets. Latino street food. Wood oven cooking. More energy drinks and adulterated waters. Mood food. Backyard and rooftop bee hives. Stevia. Kimchee. Urban farms. Griddled burgers. Free food. House-made everything, especially in sandwiches.

She also included the buzzwords they'd sent last year, many of which were pretty on the money (Basque flavors, chickpeas, house-made pickles and charcuterie).

Large's commenters seem to agree that the list is a pretty good one, and so do I - though maybe not groundbreaking, as I can count a number of these that have been written up in Bon Appetit during the last year. And Bon Appetit isn't exactly the most cutting edge of the food mags.

Plus...when is free food not hot?

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