Friday, November 13, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Seasonal Drinks

You know what's nice about Ocean Spray Brad? He's always sending me links to stuff he reads, and since he lives in Boston, he reads different stuff than I do.

Like the other day, he sent me a link to's drinks-for-fall slideshow. He sent it partly because one of the drinks was a pickle martini called The Green Mile, which reminded him of the revolting concoction I drank last summer at the beach.

Most of the drinks sound genuinely good, though. I especially like the idea of the Concord Grape Cobbler, which mixes gin, lemon juice, grape-infused simple syrup, and club soda:
The Fall Back, which is lemon ginger vodka, cranberry juice, and prosecco, sounds pretty great, too:
But please, bartenders, keep the pickles out of the gin.
Speaking of Brad, he also sent me a link to an Ocean Spray-sponsored live chat with Tyler Florence. It takes place next Tuesday night at 8 and is all about planning the "Ultimate Thanksgiving." I'm not the biggest Florence fan myself (I think it was the Applebee's thing that killed him for me) but if you like him and you're interested in some T-day help, make sure you get online early - the chat is limited to 250 people.

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