Friday, November 27, 2009

Entertaining Friday: It's Time to Decorate

Can you believe it's Christmastime already? Where did the year go?

Wherever it went, it's time to decorate, before all of December also flies by. Coastal Living is diving into the spirit of the season, at least. Earlier this week, the magazine sent out an email newsletter including a slideshow of 25 decorating ideas. Many of them were too cottagey for my house, but good inspiration anyway.

I love this idea. It's so simple - just dress up the chandelier like you would a tree. The effect is so pretty, too: And I don't think any boa-loving girl could pass by this photo without getting at least a little excited: Might be time for me to fish out my bag of boas to do some repurposing...

Unfortunately, now I've got a dark trek into the attic ahead of me. One year, after the season's over, I'm going to get really organized up there. Unfortunately, last year wasn't that year, so I've got an Indiana Jones-like mission to face.

Worth it, though, especially with a three year old in the house.

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