Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old School Thursday: Diet Coke in My Peanut Butter Edition

Today is National Nut Day – which is a day I can appreciate. As a public service announcement, all pregnant women out there should appreciate this day, too – to it’s fullest extent. Recent research suggests that exposure to nuts in utero can prevent nut allergies once babies are born. Dixon, fortunately, doesn’t have any nut allergies – but Maddy does. And let me tell you – Jen wishes she could give her a peanut butter sandwich, and wishes she didn’t have to worry about her accidentally swallowing a peanut. I do, too. So eat those nuts, pregnant girls!

In other news today: Today in 1843, Stephen Moulton Babcock was born. I wrote about him earlier this year – he developed a test to measure the fat content of milk. Also, he has almost the same name as my cousin Steve Babcock. But he is, apparently, not a blood relative.

Almost 150 years later, another exciting day occurred in food history, when the FDA approved aspartame (NutraSweet). Yes, it’s disgusting. But it’s also a key ingredient in that nectar of the gods, Diet Coke. Without the Diet Coke, there would be no Mango & Ginger…of that I am sure.

So how to celebrate? Hmmm…maybe with a handful of Trader Joe’s sesame honey cashews (trust me, they’re amazing) and a sweet, cool, Diet Coke.

Plus, maybe, a call to your cousin.


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