Friday, October 23, 2009

Entertaining Friday: Party Ideas I Love

I am a sucker for things that hang from the sky, so I'm absolutely in love with these paper pom-poms from PomLove (via Sky Blue Events blog):This one, a 16-incher in "brown sugar," is only $5.25 - and isn't it pretty?

In other news, I'm all about these tiny star-shaped Christmas tree ornaments:I picked up a ton of these at Pier One the other day (only $1 each!) and I'm planning to use them to hold food-description cards at the shower Sarah G. (Cooper's cousin) and I are throwing for Missy (Cooper's sister) tomorrow. They've shed glitter all over my dining room tablecloth, but doesn't glitter make everything a little better? Or, at least, disco-ier?

I cleaned out my "party closet" yesterday and realized that I've got tons of cool things like these - great party accessories. Now if I could just find a way to organize them so I don't forget I have them, I will be all set.

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