Monday, October 26, 2009

Dispatches from Italy

Tom and Cail have just returned from their ten day honeymoon in Italy, where they traveled a little and spent some time in Rome. Cail's already gotten her photos up online and, unsurprisingly, a ton of them are of food.

She very generously said that I could post some of them here. no particular order:

Just looking at that mozzarella makes me want to book a plane ticket, tout de suite.

While the above photo isn't really food-related, I like it because it is sooo like my brother: Blackberry in one hand, wine (white) in the other.

Hello, beautiful seafood!

Apparently Halloween occurs in Italy, too.

Aren't these plates gorgeous?

Yes, you can also order bruschetta and pizza at Bertucci's. But somehow I'm guessing it's not quite the same.

Pretty artichokes and prettier tomatoes!

Equally pretty lemons.

Fishies! I love visiting markets when I'm traveling. The only thing that always bothers me is that I see so many perishables - like fish - that I'd love to buy, but I can't because I have no nearby kitchen. This is why I need an apartment in every city, right?
Welcome home, Tom and Cail!


Cail said...

About the fish...Those were actually on display in the restaurant where we had dinner on our first night back in Rome, Pierluigi. Mr. Bean was there.

Kit Pollard said...

That's even better, really, since it means you COULD enjoy the fish.

BTW, so jealous about the Mr. Bean sighting. He is the best.


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