Monday, September 21, 2009

Mom's Birthday Party Redux

This is a big month for birthdays in my family. My grandmother's was on the 12th and my mom's was on the 17th. Dixon's is on the 29th, the same day as my grandfather's. In early October, my grandmother, Cooper's mom, and Cail all have birthdays. We're busy in the early fall.

This past weekend, we celebrated my mom's birthday with a party at her house. Like me, her birthday celebration of choice involves doing a lot of cooking herself, while holding off friends (and my grandmother) as they say things like, "But it's your birthday! You shouldn't have to cook!" Nobody gets it.

The food was excellent, with tenderloin and grilled lobster tail dressed in a simple, summery vinaigrette. The only minor food disaster came when my mom dropped an enormous bowl full of heart of palm on the kitchen floor. Fortunately, most of it stayed in the bowl. Also fortunately, I am not above eating heart of palm directly off my parents' kitchen floor.

I definitely get my cooking style from my mom - and neither one of us is a baker (that's my sister's department). So nobody got stuck with baking duty, we stopped at Patisserie Poupon on our way to the house, picking up a 12-inch round hazelnut chocolate cake (my mom's favorite from that bakery). Unsurprisingly, the cake was completely gorgeous, and it truly tasted good, too:

By the time we left (yesterday morning), the cake had been demolished and Dixon was still smeared with chocolate. In fact, he might still be.

Overall, it was a great birthday for everybody, not just my mom.


strawberriesinparis said...

OOH that cake looks sooo good! And there are a TON of birthdays in my family too this month! crazy!

Kit Pollard said...

Have you ever been there? You'd love it - I'm sure of it. I've ordered a bunch of cakes from there, but if it was just a little closer to my house, I think I'd stop in regularly just to pick up whatever's in the case. It's all gorgeous - and really does taste great. So many pretty cakes really don't...

Kate said...

Firstly, happy birthday to Mrs. Waskom! Secondly, my family is full of Sept birthdays as well (mine included, on the 23rd). And it all makes perfect sense, as Christmas and New Years are conveniently 9 months before...

Waitressing is a good way to notice birthday trends. We'd get alot of hits 9mo after Valentine's Day, too. Haha!


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