Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artsy Wednesday: Patterns & Joy

Ingrid Fetell is one of my co-bloggers at Deep Glamour, and she's also writing a book and blogging about the "aesthetics of joy." I've long been interested in the connection between design and emotion/experience, and anything related to happiness research, so for me, her blog is a great read, full of thought-provoking (and really pretty) posts.

I love this one, especially, for its graphics, which I've posted above. Ingrid links to an Issue magazine quiz that asks readers to match patterns to the cultures that created them. Ingrid is especially drawn to the similarities among the patternsm, while I find myself just getting sort of lost in their design and color.

As I once told my sister, I would so love to be a textile designer. Unfortunately, I lack the artsy skills to make that happen. But I certainly can appreciate those who've got those skills.

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