Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old School Thursday: Housewives Edition

National Pots de Creme DayFeast of St. Monica, patron of homemakers, housewives.Nothing happened today. Nothing at all. Not one single food-related historical event.

That might be appropriate, though, because today is the Feast of St. Monica, and she is the patron saint of homemakers and housewives, and if there’s one thing homemakers and housewives deserve, it’s a day without a million things on the schedule.

Plus, it’s National Pots de Crème Day (reminding me that everyone has a lobby). So find your favorite housewife, make her some pots de crème, then, I don’t know, rub her feet or something.

1 comment:

LoveFeast Table said...

If only there was nothing on my schedule and someone would make me a Pots de Creme!! A girl can dream! -Chris Ann


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