Monday, July 27, 2009

Trendy Monday: Pushing the Cereal Envelope

Last week, Virginia (from Deep Glamour) forwarded me an email about a new dish at New York's Waverly Inn: Duck and Trix.

It's an appetizer that pairs a duck breast dressed in a sweet port wine reduction with a dish of carmelized Trix brittle. UrbanDaddy (the originator of the email) says:
"When the chef who keeps the city's power brokers well fueled starts offering up under-the-radar appetizers utilizing kid food, you know it's time to start eating cereal for dinner."

I beg to differ. What I think this means is that Waverly Inn chef John Delucie might need to take a step back from the Adult Swim, check his need to be kitschy, and focus more on the food and less on how the Daily Candy editors can wrap a pun around the description.

Not that I'm against cereal for dinner: just last week I made that cornflake crusted chicken. And maybe I'm a little biased because I've never liked Trix, not even as a kid.

But seriously now. Life is not a Top Chef vending machine Quickfire. And even if it was, I just might prefer the Cheeto stuck in the Snickers. At least it's unpretentious.

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Rachel said...

Haha seriously what's next? Cocoa Puffs Foie? I think the cereal infused treats should stay local with the Capn Crunch french toast at Blue Moon.


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