Monday, June 29, 2009

Trendy Monday: Random Observations

We spent the weekend in Richmond, mostly to go to an engagement party for Tom and Cail. Richmond, as a city, is getting some foodie love these days - often, it seems, thanks to the newish Belmont Butchery, a favorite stop of Cail's. We didn't make it there during this trip, but I hope to at some point.

I tend to think of Richmond as a lot like Baltimore. Both are very small town-y - they're the kind of city where everybody knows everybody, no matter what. Because of that similarity, I sometimes forget that Richmond is so, so southern while Baltimore is, well, Baltimore. And that bow ties, which turn heads here, are de rigeur.

But I digress. This post is really just about two quick observations I made while at the party. First, Hendricks seems to be the hot gin of choice these days and that is something I can fully support. From the first time I read a description of the drink, I knew I'd like it. I wasn't wrong. In fact, I drank a lukewarm gin and club soda, sans lime, and it still tasted great.

And second, I reaffirmed that everyone, everywhere, loves mimolette. It's a total crowd-pleaser, no matter who the crowd includes.

Gin, cheese and bow ties. They make for a nice weekend.


LoveFeast Table said...

I've never tried mimolette! Will have to scope it out!

Sarah said...

Gin is one of the few points on which our opinions differ - I can't stand the stuff. It's probably partly psychological. I can remember my mother telling us at an early age that gin "makes you mean." lol

Kit Pollard said...

Ha! Maybe I just embrace the mean, then.

I think gin is a love it or hate it thing. Everybody in my immediate family loves it, except my sister. If she didn't look so much like me, I might wonder about her parentage.

Mimolette, however, brings everyone together. It tastes so good AND it looks like cantaloupe. Funny and delicious.


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