Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Supporting Local Businesses: The 3/50 Project

Not to get mushy or political, but supporting small business is something that's near and dear to my heart. So I was very pleased to come across this initiative (via Mrs. Blandings, who found it on Miss Gracious Living).

If you're spending the money anyway, wouldn't you rather see it go to somebody local?


fuquinay said...

I tell people all the time. It's one thing to want to save some money and buy books from Amazon. But if you can afford a few extra dollars to buy from The Red Canoe, you end up saving your shops, your neighborhood, your property values, your home, your life.

It's hard for people to see the big picture past the immediate dollars.

Kit Pollard said...

Maybe if everybody thought of those few extra dollars as payment for the experience of shopping in a cool local store...

Of course, I buy from Amazon, too. But that's part of what I think is so amazing about this initiative - even if we just shift a few purchases from Amazon or Target to local shops, it makes a big difference.


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