Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old School Thursday: Icons Edition

Today is National Oatmeal Cookie Day and, you know, that’s actually a food that I think deserves a day. I don’t eat enough oatmeal cookies, but I like them a lot. They’re iconic, yet understated. I like that in a cookie.

In other news, well, there is a lot of other news today. Today in 1792, John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich died. As he gave his name to both the islands and the, well, sandwich, history remembers him fondly. He’s a bit of an icon-maker himself.

More than a century later, in 1904, the St. Louis World’s Fair (aka the Louisiana Purchase Exposition) opened in St. Louis. Not only did the fair produce the Gateway Arch, it is also the place where a) the ice cream cone was invented, b) the hot dog was popularized and c) iced tea also gained popularity. Talk about iconic American foods.

And finally, today in 1952, iconic and food-related toy Mr. Potato Head was introduced. Here’s some trivia, too: Mr. Potato Head was the first toy to be advertised on TV. But certainly not the last.


Kenna said...

I have a great "salted oatmeal" cookie recipe. super yum. It was from if you are a member.

Kit Pollard said...

That sounds amazing. Is it the recipe with peanuts in it? I just found that on


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