Monday, April 13, 2009

Do You Know Your State Capitals?

I do (thanks, Mrs. Puckett, from all the Benfield Elementary 5th graders). But if you don't and/or if you like M&M animation and watching people's hands move really, really fast, check this out:


Neocon Blonde said...

I loved Ms. Puckett. Most of us were too young to properly appreciate her coolness.

Neocon Blonde said...

I take issue with the video's assertion that Annapolis is crapolis.

Kit Pollard said...

I know. I was hoping for something at leas more creative for Annapolis.

But Ms. Puckett - the most badass social studies teacher ever? I actually found her pipe in her room one day. And the motorcycle? She really was so cool.

I also remember her once telling us that there was no way she'd EVER want to be president. But Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Absolutely.


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