Monday, March 23, 2009

Trendy Monday: POM + Prosecco

Today's trendy Monday isn't actually all that trendy. Or, rather, it was trendy, just in 2005. But I'm still pretty taken with the pomegranate juice cocktail.
A couple of years ago, during a visit to Richmond to see Tom and Cail, I was introduced to the "Pom Fizz" - a cocktail of champagne, pomegranate liqueur and cranberry juice that's a specialty at Can Can (one of their favorite restaurant/bars). It was sparkly and a little tart and very delicious. At Can Can, the drink has since been renamed The Marcail, in honor of Cail (they spend a lot of time there) and in Baltimore, a simpler version has become a staple among my friends.
My version is even lighter and easier. Fill a champagne glass one-third full with pomegranate juice (preferably POM Wonderful - who also just sent me some free juice!) and fill the rest of the glass with prosecco. Voila! A light and tasty cocktail that is also enormously heart-healthy (as I am fond of reminding everyone when I'm on my 5th. But really, they are very light and easy to drink.)
Plus, what an excellent anytime drink. Light enough for brunch, perfect with a salad for lunch and fancy enough for dinner. The ideal cocktail? Yes, I think it just might be.

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