Friday, February 06, 2009

Top Chef 5 Thoughts

I haven't done a whole lot of Top Chef blogging this season, mostly because I'm not all that into the players. I think that we were all spoiled last season, when Richard and Stephanie were so amazing and also so gracious, plus we had Lisa as, like, the perfect reality TV villian.

This season's warming up for me a little, but just now - and we're already down to five. It seems clear to me (and the rest of the country) that Stefan will win. He's just better than everybody else. Hosea is outclassed on so many levels. Fabio is adorably Italian, but just not as good. Carla is actually surprising me with her skill, and I like her - I think she's funny - but she's a little too cuckoo, I think, to actually win.

And Leah, well, don't get me started. Actually, I think Leah's problem is that she's so young. She's immature. Unfortunately, that translates into her acting like a dumb little girl on national TV, which further translates into me hissing things like, "She's doing a disservice to women everywhere!" to Cooper.

Which brings me to Wednesday night. I know it was the edit, but I was sure Leah was going home over Jamie. It seems like a bigger sin to me to not get the dish, than to admit that you knew exactly where you went wrong, and say that you just didn't have time to fix it. Also, while we're on the subject of Jamie, I'm sorry now that I was so complainy about her a few weeks ago. She obviously knows what she's doing in the kitchen and, as she demonstrated during Restaurant Wars, she's got decent leadership potential, as well.

And while I still don't see any ScarJo resemblance, I did get a touch of Natalie Portman. Maybe better?

Anyway, I was sorry to see her go. And really sorry to see Leah stay.


Joyce said...

This is my first season, is product placement always so heavy? I'm an episode behind, but the overt tribute to oatmeal and gladware was enough for me walk away and not finish.

I agree, Steffon has it in the bag. Jamie should have been a stong contender but got off to a slow start with her weird scallop obsession.

Kit Pollard said...

This is your first season? Really?

Yes, the product placement is always that heavy handed, but by now, I just think of it as a funny part of the show, kind of like Padma's "helloooooo, chefs!" and Colicchio's baldness...

Do you read any recaps? If nothing else, you'd definitely like David Dust and theminx...

theminx said...

I think the product placement gets heavier and heavier with each passing season. Pretty soon, every challenge will be sponsored..."The Frito-Lay Quickfire" in which the cheftestants need to create something healthy and delicious with Doritos; the "Calphalon Elimination Challenge" in which the chefs must use only Calphalon cookware, etc.

We all hated Lisa last year, and she finished second. I have a feeling that skanky Leah is going to place higher than anyone would like. And I will be very disappointed if Stefan does not win.

Kit Pollard said...

If Stefan doesn't win, I'll probably think there's something wrong with the show. He's clearly the best cook.

That's true about Lisa, but she was a better cook than Leah. Then again, I think most everybody last season was a better than most everybody this season...


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