Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ideabook Tuesday: Party Places

I've been to a lot of pretty great parties in my life - from high school keggers (shoutout to the Foreman house, the Oz basement and the Brockett loft above the garage!) to over-the-top black tie events. Not to mention, a ton of weddings.

As a result, I think a lot about what makes a space perfect for a party. When we started planning our addition, the main thing we talked to Virginia (our architect) about was the need to accommodate people. All I really wanted was an open space where our friends could hang out.

An open space was what we got - and as a result, our friends are over here all the time. Jen and Bill recently went through a similar process, knocking down a wall between their kitchen and dining room and adding an island for hanging out. It's perfect.

So with all of that on my mind a few weeks ago, I created this ideabook, aptly named "Party Places":

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