Monday, January 26, 2009

Trendy Monday: Traveling Kit

When my grandmother and grandfather traveled, they took a little cocktail kit with them. Scotch, bourbon, soda and all the mixing tools you could ever need (most of which would no longer make it through airport security). For cocktail hour, they were prepared.

I figure that it's easy enough to find a bar that will pour me a decent glass of pinot, or whatever, so I don't really need a fancy cocktail kit. But you know what would be helpful? This Mobile Foodie Survival Kit . Libby emailed it to me this morning, just saying "too cute" - and she's right.

OK, so maybe I haven't found myself in a ton of situations in which I absolutely needed wasabi right then. But you never know. It's like a foodie MacGuyver kit. Because you really never know what you'll need tomorrow.

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