Thursday, January 22, 2009

Old School Thursday: Lawyers, Cows and Wine Edition

Today is the Feast of St. Vincent, patron of wine growers and vinegar makers. I like wine. I like vinegar. This is a saint with a feast that sounds like fun.

It’s also National Blonde Brownie Day, once again confirming that everybody has a lobbyist.
In terms of history, today is pretty random. It’s Francis Bacon’s birthday (1561). He was a lawyer, not a chef, but his name was Bacon, so he must have been a pretty good guy, right?

Fast-forward a couple of centuries, and today marks the 117th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s incorporation – the beginning of one of the big capitalist fairy tales of our time. Then, closing out today in spectacular fashion, today is the 21st anniversary of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport opening a departure lounge just for cows. That’s right. Cows.

So how to celebrate? Maybe with a nice bottle of wine, a green salad with vinaigrette, and some type of bacon-wrapped filet? Oh, and the Coke. I don’t know, work out some type of Top Chef-like product placement tie-in for dessert?

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