Thursday, December 04, 2008

Old School Thursday: Sailing, Beer & Cookies Edition

Today is kind of a weird vacuum on the food history screen…nothing happened. Nothing of major foodie importance, anyway.

However, today is National Cookie Day, which makes me think I should’ve waited until today to make these. It’s also St. Barbara’s Day, and she’s the patron saint of hatters, sailors, storms and brewers.

I’m pretty sure those last three fit together nicely and obviously. But I think that “hatters” really fits, too. My dad had a very special sailing hat that saw him through many storms (and many beers). Until it was, quite unceremoniously, knocked off his head and into the briny deep during a routine trip up and down the Severn. That was a bad sailing day. A very bad one.

So today, pour out a beer in honor of all the sailors’ lost hats…and then bake some cookies.

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