Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old School Thursday: Pig! Edition

We’re reaching a new low today with absolutely nothing of historical foodie significance to note. However, today is National Roast Suckling Pig Day, and that’s a day I can get behind. I love roast suckling pig.

Cooper’s ordered it more than once, with great results, at Tio Pepe, and my parents have had the experience of ordering a whole roast suckling pig for a group (after calling ahead) at Jalapeno’s in Annapolis (possibly the best ever restaurant to share strip mall space with Home Depot).

So I guess even if nothing that exciting happened on December 18th of any year, at least we’ve got the pig.

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Pigtown-Design said...

PIG! I have fond memories of a conchon de lait (pigpicking) at a beautiful plantation in Louisiana. You could tell when the pig was done when you could pull the bones right out. Brilliant.

{Merry Christmas}


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