Thursday, December 11, 2008

Old School Thursday: Kraft Edition

National Noodle-Ring Day? I don’t even think I know what that means.

Today is also St. Gentian’s Day – he’s the patron saint of innkeepers. A lot of our understanding of early restaurant behavior comes from how people ate at inns, so I personally am thankful to St. Gentian and his ilk for providing me with some interesting history to read.

In actual historical news, today is James Lewis Kraft’s birthday (1874). Not only did he found Kraft Co., known to millions for their single slices and blue-box mac and cheese, he also patented pasteurized cheese. It would be easy to argue, of course, that in doing so, he did the food world a disservice, but the reality is that his invention has fed soldiers and the less fortunate (and Dixon) for years and years. Happy Birthday, Mr. Kraft!

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