Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quotable (Video) Tuesday: Voting for Free Starbucks

It just so happens that my plans for today involve voting then going to Barnes & Noble, where a Starbucks is conveniently located.

But here's where I take issue with this commercial: it suggests that if we all cared on November 5th like we do on November 4th, the country would be a better place.

I'm pretty sure, though, that the real winners in that scenario would be the therapy community. It's our ability to not care so intensely all the time that keeps the country moving.

But I digress. Today: voting.


theminx said...

Not sure the B&N coffee shops count as real Starbucks though....and they're likely to give you a cup of that nasty Pike Place blend too...ack.

Bill said...

I worked at a poll booth and we had a lot of people who wanted to know how to get their free starbucks


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