Thursday, November 06, 2008

Old School Thursday: PB&J Nachos Edition

Today is quiet. Well, not entirely – I mean, it is National Nachos Day, and nachos certainly aren’t the quiestest of foods. But it’s also St. Leonard’s Day. He’s the patron saint of greengrocers and for some reason that sounds sort of quiet and shy to me.

Besides that, the only real food item of note today is that in 1993, while I was busy with my freshman year in college, the good people of Peanut, Pennsylvania created the world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich. At nearly 40 feet long, it used 150 pounds of peanut butter and 50 pounds of jelly. Which really makes me wonder about the PB to J ratios of the sandwiches I make. (Somehow, I think I’m heavier on the jelly.)


Sarah said...

lol, I got really excited when I saw the title of this post - I thought you were going to give me a recipe for pb&j nachos!!! :) I LOVE pb&j and still eat it on a regular basis....

Kit Pollard said...

Hmmm...that sounds maybe not so bad. I still love PB&J, too - usually on toast, crunchy peanut butter, no grape jelly (strawberry, raspberry or - preferably - blackberry with seeds).

I think if you found the exact right chips - ones that almost tasted like pretzels, maybe - and put the peanut butter on then put it all in the oven, you could top it with the jelly afterwards and it just might be good?

Cail said...

1. They make actual flat pretzely chips...Could be a worthy experiment.

2. St. Leonard as in Stew Leonard?

3. Terra also makes "Chesapeake Bay and Beer" chips. I'm not sure how I feel about them, but I'm going to keep eating until I make a decision one way or the other.

Kit Pollard said...

See, I think Chesapeake Bay and Beer chips sound amazing. I can't believe I've never seen them before.

Really, aren't all Terra chips so pretty?


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