Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old School Thursday: World Politics, Hotels & Birthdays Edition

Finally, a day of actual historical significance. Today is World Food Day, so named because it is the anniversary of the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (1945). Broad, but significant.

Plus, just to cover all the bases, today is also National Liqueur Day. So we won’t go thirsty, either.

Beyond the big stuff, today is much like all the other days – kind of random. It’s St. Gall’s Day – he’s the patron saint of geese and poultry (chicken for dinner tonight?). Today also marks the anniversary of the opening of the first modern hotel in the US – the Tremont in Boston, which offered rooms and meals for $2 per day.

And, obviously, today is Flea’s birthday, and that has to do with food because his band is called the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hotels, geese, SoCal bands I listened to a lot in, like, ninth grade. And the UN. It’s a big day.

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