Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old School Thursday: The Waskoms' Favorite Cake Edition

Today should really be a holiday in the Waskom house. It’s National Boston Cream Pie Day, and Boston cream pie is pretty much my family’s favorite food. While I chose angel food cake for my birthday every year (with pink fluffy marshmallow frosting until I was, oh, 20), my brother and sister follow in my father’s footsteps with their devotion to BCP. (My mom is a little more all over the place. She doesn’t get stuck in a one-cake rut like the rest of us.)

Beyond the Boston cream lobby, today’s important for a couple of other reasons, too. At some point during the mid-sixteenth century, possibly today (but maybe a different day in October or November), Nicolas Appert was born. Appert went on to invent the canning process, which revolutionized the way food was stored and how we eat.

Less revolutionary, but important nonetheless, today in 1921, Edward A. Doisy died – he discovered vitamin K.

And how to celebrate these lives? With Boston cream pie, of course.

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Erin said...

who's daughter are you? mom's favorite cake is and always has been chocolate with fluffy white frosting.


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