Thursday, October 09, 2008

Old School Thursday: Sandwiches & Cheese Forever

And here it is, as advertised last week: Moldy Cheese Day. Now, to be fair, I actually totally like old, stinky cheese. But “Moldy Cheese Day” doesn’t really have a great ring, does it?

It’s also Grinder, Hoagie, Hero Day and the 12th anniversary of the making of the world’s largest (3,000 pound) grilled cheese sandwich. A good day for sandwich artists everywhere, I suppose.

Finally, in somewhat more tangential food news, today in 1985, Central Park’s Strawberry Fields was dedicated to John Lennon. I didn’t even know that Strawberry Fields was a real place until a few years ago, so a dedication seems more than appropriate.

Unfortunately, today appears destined to live in infamy for me, as I have an appointment to get a cavity filled and a new crown this morning. Sigh. I’ve actually been worrying lately about what denture technology will be like when I’m (just a little) older and if fake teeth will seriously impede my ability to eat whatever I want. I guess I should stop complaining and just feel lucky I live in an era of modern dentistry…


Jane said...

Being an anti-dentite, I too fear and loathe dental technology; they have yet to perfect anything that will even remotely decrease my fear of having strangers poking very sharp utensils in my mouth. My mother had to get dentures years ago and I often wonder if the same fate is in my future. I relate to your anxiety. I have had two crowns and during each procedure told the dentist to "give me all you've got" in the way of panic-reducers. That translated to headset playing Springsteen, gas, and I.V. anesthetic. The I.V. cost extra but was worth every penny!

Kit Pollard said...

Fortunately, everything went smoothly and I was able to get through the day with a minimum of pain AND novocaine (which totally drains me).

Sometimes I think the anticipation is the worst part.

No, nevermind. It's really not.


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