Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quotable Tuesday: Bourdain News

Two Bourdain blog quotes that definitely make me happy:
For an upcoming DC show, author George Pelecanos’s superb Washington based novels--and his work on the greatest dramatic series EVER on television, “The Wire” formed a kind of center of gravity.

One of my favorite things about No Reservations is the never-ending creativity that goes into the graphic elements of the show. That kind of variation in look takes time...and it adds a lot. Also:

What else is coming up? And where?

It’s (finally) back to Vietnam. The Philippines.. The Azores. Thailand. Provence. Sardinia. And a Detroit/Buffalo/Baltimore hybrid show which (I hope) will pay low rent homage to Curtis Hansen, Vincent Gallo and John Waters respectively (There will NOT be a Pink Flamingos finale, however). Ethiopia (we hope) Cuba. (We hope) . Back to Beirut (eventually). And beyond.

Baltimore! And John Waters' Baltimore (not David Simon's)! Ohhh that makes me happy.


theminx said...

He had nerve coming to Baltimore without calling me. I suggested he come to Charm City a few years back, and added the only real reason to come here was John Waters.


Xani said...

Makes me happy too! Well, not sure why we have to be in a "hybrid" show but it's better than nothing...


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