Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Questions That Are So Indicative of My Family

From my brother:
If you were to have a 90210-themed dinner, what would the food be (other than NO FOOD AT ALL to commemorate Kelly's time as a cocaine addict)? Peach pits, I guess.

It's really kind of strange how little I remember about the food on that show. Also how little food-related discussion of 90210 exists on the internet.

Well, maybe that second thing's not so weird.


Cail said...

Well, there are a couple of food memories that I have from 90210..

1. Donna stuffing her face at the French party just before she's discovered by Pierre, the French photographer.

2. Brandon feeds Oliver, the little homeless kid who breaks into the Peach Pit Megaburgers and milkshakes and fries.

3. Cindy Walsh is ALWAYS cooking in the kitchen, and Kelly and Steve always remark about how little their mothers cook. (See aforementioned cocaine issues.)

4. Slumber Party Episode, First Season: The girls eat and that bitchy Amanda girl comes in and says that they're all going to get fat.

5. Kelly and Dylan go to the fancy restaurant where they run into Rick ("Reeck") and Brenda. Kelly and Dylan order a chocolate dessert, but decide they would rather have each other.

Love, Love, Love that show.

Kit Pollard said...

You have a WAY better TV food memory than I do.

Then again, I haven't been watching the show on the SOAP network, either. In fact, the last time I saw the show was when we watched the Color Me Badd ep when Cooper and I were visiting you and Tom...


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