Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Artsy Wednesday (also Trendy?): Obika Mozzarella Bar Comes to NYC

Here's the trendy part: Obika Mozzarella Bar, pride of Europe, is opening it's first US location in New York next week. Here's NY Mag's coverage, and here's what the Times has to say. I'm all about fresh mozzarella - the first bite of Ceriello mozzarella might be my favorite thing ever - and according to the NYT article, the concept of a mozzarella bar is already successful in several major cities (including DC, or Bethesda at least, which is home to Assaggi Mozzarella Bar).
But that is not (entirely) why Cail sent me these articles yesterday. In her email with the NY Mag link, she mentioned that the article "talks about the design-y nature of the kiosk, and how it borrows from Japanese ideas on presentation."
And it's obvious, too. If I didn't know that the above kiosk was a mozzarella bar, I might assume that it was something Japanese. Something about the sleek lines and the logo scream "sushi." Although, at the same time, they also sort of scream Illy. So I guess it's got that Italian thing going on, too.
Either way, I like the way that the two sides fit together without being exactly the same. I've found myself increasingly fascinated with circular design, too. It's so functional, especially in a kiosk or a table, and it just looks cool, too.
Unfortunately, even though I'll be in New York on Friday, I'll miss the grand opening, which doesn't take place until next week. But if the concept overtakes NYC, who knows, maybe we could see it in Baltimore one day soon?

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Renee Shuman-Powell said...

Thanks for the info...I just sent it to my brother who lives in NYC. He will report back...


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