Monday, August 25, 2008

Things That Make Me Laugh

I ran into my friend Audrey at the grocery store this morning. We talked for a few minutes and I mentioned that we'd just been to the liquor store - and that's why Dixon was eating a lollipop. (He calls it the lollipop-liquor store. It is his favorite place.)

Audrey looked at me sort of funnily and said, "Why were you at the liquor store?" To which I replied, "Because I go there at least twice a week." Doesn't everyone?

But this is what made me laugh: she said, kind of philosophically, "That's why you have such a happy house. Because you always go to the liquor store."

Words of wisdom.


theminx said...

Twice a week? LOL - we go maybe once a quarter, but when we do, we stock up - 6 bottles of assorted wines, 12 - 18 bottles of beer, and sundry bottles of hard liquor.

kabonfootprint said...

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Erin said...

that's so funny because when i was little i used to love going to the liquor store with mom since they always gave out really big pretzel sticks...and i would say twice a week was about right. it must be something about our family.

Kit Pollard said...

And, Erin, when I told Dad this story (because I went to their house right after the liquor store), the first thing he said was, "well, of course, you all liked the liquor store, too...because of the pretzels."

I think they might stock up more than they used to, so they don't have to go as frequently. Since they go all the way to Goska's now.


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