Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quotable Tuesday: Then and Now

Harvey Wallbanger
Then: Galliano, a vanilla-and-anise-flavored Italian liqueur, is the key ingredient in the Harvey Wallbanger, the era’s essential brunch cocktail.

Now: This fall, Galliano will reintroduce its classic formula. Mixologists are updating the cocktail, as in this Humpty Dumpty from Johnny Raglin at San Francisco’s Absinthe.

Have I been writing too much about the September Food & Wine? Maybe, but I can't help it. I actually meant to write about this yesterday, as Trendy Monday, but in my weekend blur I totally forgot about it.

But aren't the 70s back? I mean, if Mad Men has caused a renewed interest in the early 60s, then a combination of Bottle Shock and Swingtown (which Becky from Hatch has been all over, design-wise)and a whole bunch of people turning thirty (like me...two and a half years ago) has startled us into fond memories of the 70s.

I loved this "then and now" feature in F&W (including the Harvey Wallbanger quote from above - I picked that as a quote just because I remember, as a kid, thinking that "Harvey Wallbanger" was hilarious-sounding). Now, even though I was born in the 70s, I don't think I have an overly romantic view of the decade. I'm pretty sure I'm glad I'm living now, not a few years ago.

But everybody loves a little touch of disco, right? Right?


Meghan said...

I'm with you on the obsession with F&W. I picked up the August issue on Sunday, and I've been scouring it for the past several days. I love the Then & Now section, which taught me about trends that were way before my time but that I've heard referenced in conversation.

I actually reference F&W all the time in my blog, too. Sunday I made several items from the 30 best fast recipes list - http://the7oclockhour.blogspot.com/.

becky said...

Hi Kit! Thanks for the head's up on Bottle Shock, I had not heard of it. What's F&W exactly? God, I am so out of the loop!



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