Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quotable Tuesday: Design Public

Summer cocktails taste better out of a pint glass or jelly jar plastered with not-so-scary monsters or old school cartoon characters.

Is it kind of strange to quote myself? Well, it gets the job done, anyway.

I've linked before to the Design Public blog, Hatch, but maybe not to Design Public itself. It's a San Francisco-based retailer of cool, modernish furniture and accessories. My favorite purchase from the website is this mobile that we have hanging over Dixon's play area in the basement. Because it's never too early to appreciate Danish design. Especially when it's bright yellow and under $50.

Anyway, back to my quote and the monster glass. One of the things I like about Design Public as an organization is that they're a store, but they're also very content-driven (which explains the blog). Recently, they've started expanding their website and newsletters with short, blog posty articles by bloggers and Design Public fans. I've written a few so far, and my first went online yesterday. I wrote about summertime tables (without, I am pleased to say, using the word "tablescape").

And, seriously, how cute are those monster pint glasses?

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