Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marcel's DUI Situation

Erin and I were having a little post-lunch chat yesterday - talking about clothes and furniture design and art history, like we do - when we got an email from Libby, telling us that Top Chef villian extraordinaire, Marcel, had been arrested for drinking and driving.

We were all anxiously awaiting the sure-to-be hilarious Best Week Ever post on the subject, fully assuming that Alex Blagg would write it and he would absolutely reference Wolverine in the title.

Instead, this is what we got, as a part of the Sara Schaefer "...Of the Day" post:
HE WAS JUST TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM THAT BULLY CLIFF: Top Chef pipsqueak and foam connoisseur, Marcel Vigneron, was arrested for speeding and “erratic” driving in Laguna Beach. Can’t a little guy drive with reckless abandon, letting the wind blow through his Wolverine-like hair, in defiance of any who might dare wrestle him to the ground and shave said hair???

Frankly, I'm disappointed. If you're not able to make pithier jokes than this when a reality TV celebrity gets arrested IN LAGUNA BEACH, BWE, then what can you do???

(And for the record, I totally like Sara Schaefer's posts. I just think she's unnecessarily wordy here, and that the Cliff reference feels forced.)

(Also, lunch was at Sweet Lela's. It was good and WOW is that place cute. So Euro, right in the heart of Towson!)


Nanc Twop said...

I had to laugh at that 'Top Chef pipsqueak' quote, because from what I've heard about Marcel, I'm quite glad I wasn't watching TC when he was around...

btw, did Tom C. like Marcel?

Kit Pollard said...

Good question. It's hard to tell sometimes if he likes someone personally. I do remember hearing that everybody liked Marcel more than the editing let on...


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