Monday, August 18, 2008

Green Issues

This has nothing to do with food, except in that I complained about it with respect to food magazines a while back.

I am so over the "green issue".

Apparently I'm not alone. Love this from The New Yorker.

(Also, and this is food-related. If you've got some time, read the rest of Cartoon Lounge. The sandwich wars make me laugh, too. It's all kind of McSweeneys-ish, but I still like that dry hipstery humor.)


Cail said...

The editor of "Fast Company" addressed the Green Issue haterade that they've been getting in his letter this month. His position is that it's impossible to deny that sustainability, green living, etc. are a part of our world now, and that because they affect every facet of life (food, consumer products, building, transportation, elections) that they'll continue to cover them.


Kit Pollard said...

Boooo is right.

There are tons of things that affect "every facet of life" - like what we eat. But that doesn't mean that every single publication has to have a "food issue".

I have no issue with mags dedicated to green living or whatever, I just don't think every single magazine out there needs a green issue.


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