Monday, June 09, 2008

Trendy Monday: Oink Oink

Maybe it's a summer thing. All of a sudden, it's warm out, so we can go outside to cook for looong periods of time.

Or maybe it's a food-roots thing. There are very few big whole animals that "real" people can, theoretically at least, buy and cook at home.

Or maybe it's just one of those weird zeitgeisty things. But whatever it is, it seems like right now, it's the Day of the Pig.

Somewhere between my monthly Bon Appetit/Food & Wine reading and last week's whole hog episode of Top Chef, not to mention the current high-end restaurant fascination with braised pork belly, I've noticed a whole lot of pig.

I realize that pig never really goes out of style. And that everyone loves bacon. But for whatever reason, right now just really has a porky feel.


Meghan said...

Ya know... that's interesting because I noticed a lot of pig in my cooking mags too...and on all the grilling specials on foodtv...

I love to cook out... but why do we stand over a hot grill in 90 degree weather? so bizarre!

oatmealcookieguy said...

You are so right. There's a serious pig meme out there in the food media right now. A grand conspiracy between the pork industry and the Food Network?

I agree with Meghan. What's the deal with hot cooking in hot weather?

Kit Pollard said...

It does kind of seem ridiculous to amp up the heat even further, doesn't it?


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