Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Artsy Wednesday: Really Fun Food

There's a whole genre of cookbooks dedicated to making food that's fun and cute. Like the pastry challenges on the Food Network, but way less complicated (and without that nasty move-it-from-here-to-there part that's obviously designed just to add a little drama to the proceedings).

As Dixon gets older, I see myself doing more and more of this. He's already so into what happens in the kitchen - he loves to watch me cook and whenever we're visiting friends who have a kids' kitchen, he spends hours pretending to saute waffles or microwave cans of peas or whatever. When I used my classic cars cake pan to make him some tiny cakes, he freaked out. I can only imagine the reaction a caterpillar made of Hostess sno-balls would elicit.


theminx said...

Well, you're never going to find out, because you wouldn't allow Hostess Sno-balls in your house, right?


Kit Pollard said...

I mean...theoretically, the answer is unequivocably NO. But in reality, it's so hard to say no to Dixon's begging face.

Plus, I have a not-so-secret love affair with all types of Little Debbie snacks (especially the Star Crunch). So I might feel just a little hypocritical banning Sno-Balls.

Then again, that color pink is not found in nature. And that can't be good.

theminx said...

omg...Little Debbie snacks are the worst.... My mother had a thing for the oatmeal pies :::throwing up in mouth a little::::

Kit Pollard said...

mmm...oatmeal creme pies. They're no star crunches, but they are good. You can almost feel the sugar crunch in your teeth as you eat them.


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