Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old School Thursday: Repetive Yet Strange Edition

Does the end of May seem like a strange time for National Coq Au Vin Day? It’s just…a little warm out? Why does Coq au Vin need an American holiday anyway?

The rest of today is weirdly reminiscent of the past few weeks. Well, most of it anyway. Today in 1886, Coca-Cola was advertised for the first time. Three weeks ago I wrote about the anniversary of its invention.

And today in 1971, the Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar was number 1 on the Billboard charts. Four weeks ago, I wrote about its debut.

In less repetitive news, on May 29, 1630, Charles II of England was born. Besides being one of the few British monarchs I can really place in history (James-Charles-Charles-James with a little Oliver Cromwell thrown in the middle, and don’t ask me why I remember that of all things I learned in 10th grade), tea was introduced to England during his reign. Like all monarchs at the time, Charles was not content to just let the market do its work. At the end of 1675, he outlawed coffeehouses. Apparently Charles was also leery of revolution (understandable, considering how he came to “office”) – he revoked his proclamation less than a month later in response to public outcry. Proto-democracy and free markets at work?

And in “It wasn’t that long ago but I don’t remember it” news, today in 2004, 10 million pounds of almonds were recalled due to a salmonella outbreak that affected at least 2 people all over the US. I have absolutely no recollection of this. Of course, today in 2004, I was slammed at work and desperately trying to finish planning my wedding.

Which reminds me – time to make my anniversary dinner reservations. Woodberry Kitchen. FINALLY.

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