Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old School Thursday: Boring Edition...Kind Of

National Vanilla Pudding Day. Not all that exciting, right? As much as I love vanilla pudding – and I do – isn’t it also synonymous with all things bland? And hospital food?

Some of today is pretty bland, too. In 1894, an oil heater or cooker was patented by African American inventor S. Newson. Yawn.

Forty years later, in 1934, David Wesson, of Wesson Oil fame, died. Wesson is originally known as the chemist who figured out a way to make (tasteless) cotton seed oil edible, paving the way for the eponymous oil, as well as margarine, commercially fried foods and a bunch of prepackaged salad dressings. Practical and convenient, yes. Exciting, no.

But on the other hand…

Today is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday (1859). His creation, Sherlock Holmes, is about food, if only because he’d go for days without eating when he was working on a case. His modern day equivalent, Dr. Gregory House, does no such thing.

And yum. Today in 1831, George K. End of Arcadia, Florida puts canned rattlesnake on the market. Bet it was flying off the shelves. Also bet if it was still available, Top Chef would snap it up for a Quickfire.

On a truly-important-for-America’s-culinary-growth note, The Culinary Institute of America was founded today in 1946. Something we should all be thankful for.
So, bland as vanilla pudding? Maybe not…entirely.

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