Thursday, April 03, 2008

Old School Thursday: National Chocolate Mousse Day! And Back to Basics.

National Chocolate Mousse Day! That is a holiday I can certainly get behind.

In other April 3rd news, today is all about the basics. In 1829, Connecticut’s own James Carrington patented a coffee mill, making caffeination that much easier for everybody. And in 1845, Australian William James Farrer was born. He would go on to develop several new cultivars of wheat. (A “cultivar” is just a variety that was cultivated. Obviously.)

And, sadly, today marks the 23rd anniversary of the closing of the famed Hollywood restaurant The Brown Derby, home of the Cobb Salad, a basic staple unto itself.
To celebrate today? Dinner of bread, coffee, Cobb Salad and chocolate mousse, of course!

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