Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCain's Recipe Scandal

For some reason, I feel compelled to post about this total non-story (via Althouse) - apparently an intern on the McCain campaign posted a "McCain family recipes" story on the candidate's website, but lifted the recipes directly from the Food Network website. The campaign was alerted, the recipes were pulled and the intern got in trouble.

Dumb, yes, but it seems like more of a rookie mistake - again, a dumb one, but not, like, campaign-destroying.

Really, it seems to me that the worst things about this are: a) is ahi tuna with Napa cabbage anybody's family recipe? And b) some of the recipes pulled were courtesy of one Rachael Ray. Ugh.


Aaron K said...

HAHAHAHHAHHAHAA yeah I love that she used Rachel Ray recipes. What a bone-head. Hey, thanks for the suggestion on the Malbec. I will stop by the store on my way home and see if they have it. It's great to see someone else likes them. Cheers, Aaron K

Kit Pollard said...

Oh - I hope they have it - it is SO good! Especially for $10.


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