Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last Night's Dinner: Mexican Ribeyes with Lime Butter

I can't believe it's Tuesday already and I haven't gotten around to this post (I have an embarassingly long list of posts to write). Anyway, before I forget once again, I have to write about the dinner we had last Saturday night. Our friend Bill came over (his wife was out of town) and he and Cooper and I red meated it up.

On Saturday morning, when it came time to figure out what to have for dinner, I felt like cooking spicy - it was a bit warm outside (if a little rainy) and I've been in a springy mood anyway - and something new, that I'd never made before. Fortunately, I've been keeping a stack of cooking magazines right on the counter in my kitchen.

For whatever reason, theApril issue of Food & Wine really resonated with me. I always mark the recipes I'm interested in, and as a result, the issue is now a dog-eared mess. And that's where I found the recipe: Mexican spice-rubbed ribeyes with lime butter.

The recipe title pretty much says it all - Cooper grilled ribeyes that were seasoned with a dry rub of Mexican spices (super simple) and they were served with a lime and garlic compound butter (so easy and amazing - we're using the rest tonight). I sauteed baby carrots and sliced red onion in olive oil and because I just can't make a meal sans starch, roasted potatoes with a salsa verde straight out of the jar.

The whole meal was so easy to make - I mean SO easy to make - and really pretty fantastic. Oh, and I took the advice of the magazine and paired it with the slightly spicy and very cheap Altos las Hormigas malbec, which we liked so much that it's now our new house wine (sorry, Avalon).

The highlights were definitely the lime butter and the wine (though the carrots and onions were nice, too, and a big surprise for Cooper and Bill, who apparently didn't entirely trust my creative judgment).

The other highlight, of course, was the company...

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Rachel said...

That recipe sounds fabulous!


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